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My name is Kenny Konechne. I started designing and building web sites in 1999.  That beginning was preceded by a good amount of experience on the Internet--navigating, studying and marketing and I continue to study and learn, particularly in the fields of web building and marketing.

At one point, I was told by one of my mentors that I would never make any serious money online until I owned my own web site.

He was right. Owning my own site gave me the capability to change it to fit whatever opportunity I wished to work with at the time, or even to market multiple opportunities.

The Internet is the future of commerce and anyone with anything to market should own their own site

A small, affordable web site will help you get started.
As of 2014 I no longer build websites, but can point you in the direction of getting help on how to use ready made software to create your own.

   Let me tell you a little about me . . .

I own and operate a small ranch,
and I write mostly humorous short stories in rhyme! I have published a print book of a 40 year collection of my short stories and it can be found on my

I have several books there that I have self published.

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Kenny Konechne
Kimball, SD